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Retro Fitness Gym Facility
Saturday July 11th @1pm
4 Cedar Swamp Road
Glen Cove NY

Retro Fitness Facility selling to the bare walls. Aerobic machines including treadmills, ellipticals of all types, stationary bikes, recumbent bikes, free weights, many many dumbbells and racks, benches, smith machines, plates of all sizes, rope trainers, balls, ladies dumbbells, mats, full theater set up, with more aerobic machines, full locker rooms, TVs, sound system, BIG ASS FAN, juicers, office desks, standup suntanning booth, and much much more.

Local delivery available. Buy 1 piece or the entire facility. Gym is less then 10 years old, well maintained and clean. Call auctioneer for details on this great sale. 877-500-1414. Bid online at or come to the sale in person. Reservations required. Strict PPE and social distancing will be adheared too.

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