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Brand New Ice Cream & Cafe

Monday September 24th @2:30 pm

4 Main Street Edgewater NJ 07020

4 scooping freezers with sneeze guards
1 storage freezer with glass sliding doors
1 small scooping freezer for events
1 small (table top) display freezer for ice cream cakes
1 water & soda refrigerator with double glass sliding doors
1 small refrigerator/freezer (white)
1 convention oven
6 soup kettles
2 square silver metal tables with 8 matching chairs
3 outdoor couches, 6 outdoor chairs & 3 outdoor coffee tables with cushions
6 Camara system with dvr recorder
Wall cabinets (white color) upper and lower with crystal blue quartz
Lower wall cabinets with crystal blue quartz
Crystal Blue quartz for freezer front protection
Lucite counter top display
2 Lucite counter top cone holders
1 vitamix with 2 containers
1 POS system with printer & register
1 plastic grey storage cabinet
2 dip wells
1 hand wash sink
1 sink with 3 separate bays
1 mop sink
3 soap dispensers
3 paper towel dispensers
1 wall mount dish rack
6 napkin dispensers
1 outdoor light up sign
Menu board & other miscellaneous signs

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