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8 Ft & 12 Ft Kasier/Warren Deli Meat Cases
8 X 10 Walk In Cooler
KOCH UltraVac
5 Horse Power Meat Grinder
2 Horsepower Sausage Stuffer
Band Saw
5 Meat Cutting Tables
2 30lb Scales with Printers
2 Globe Slicers
8 Ft Curve Glass Hot Case
4 Ft Open Dairy Case
30 Ft Wall Gondola Shelving
10 Ft Exhaust Hoods
6 Burner Vulcan with Grill
Fry Master Fryer
Vulcan Convection Oven
Low Boys
Bain Maries
Outdoor Seating
SS Tables
SS Sinks
Smallwares & Many More Items!

Brand New Gourmet Deli/Meat Market
Monday, November 11th @ 2:00 PM
43-15 Queens Blvd
Sunnyside, Queens, NY 11104
8 Ft & 12 Ft Kasier/Warren Deli Meat Cases, 8 X 10 Walk In Cooler, KOCH UltraVac, 5 Horse Power Meat Grinder, 2 Horsepower Sausage Stuffer, Band Saw, 5 Meat Cutting Tables, 2 30lb Scales with Printers, 2 Globe Slicers, 8 Ft Curve Glass Hot Case, 4 Ft Open Dairy Case, 30 Ft Wall Gondola Shelving, 10 Ft Exhaust Hoods, 6 Burner Vulcan with Grill, Fry Master Fryer, Vulcan Convection Oven, Low Boys, Bain Maries, Outdoor Seating, SS Tables, SS Sinks, Smallwares & Many More Items!

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