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50,000+ Sq Ft 1st Quality Tile. Products Include: Glass Mosaics-1×1, 2×2, 1×2 and 4×12 Planks
40+ Colors
Glass Mosaics-3/4 x ¾ – 47 Colors
Recycled Glass Mosaics & Liners
Stained Glass Mosaics -50+ Colors
4×4 Stained Glass Tile- 7 Colors
Glass & Stone Combination Mosaics
24×24 Porcelain Polished & Matte Finishes
Mesh Mounted Stone
Marble Mosaics
Copper & Pewter Accent Tiles
Dewalt D2 4000 Tile Saw
Rockwell Model 14 Band Saw
Casting Equipment
Hydraulic Vulcanizing Machines
Vibratory Machines- 1 Nicem
1 Sweco
Table Top Shrink Wrap Machine
Electric Tape Machine (Box Sealer)
Water Cooler
Delta Table Saw
Pipe Bending Machine
Large Barrel Scale
Ratio Parts Scale
File Cabinets
Office Furniture
Delta Drill Press
Industrial Pallet Shelving
2- Air Compressors
Photo Copy Machine
Table Top 3 Axis CNC machine
IBM Style Computers
Polishing Machine
New Holland Centrifugal Hot Air Dryer
Table Top Bagging Machine & Much More
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50,000 Sq. Ft. High End Mosaic & Assorted Tile Distributor
Tuesday, December 17th @ 1:00 PM
4231 Park Avenue
Bronx, NY 10457
50,000+ Sq Ft 1st Quality Tile. Products Include: Glass Mosaics-1×1,2×2,1×2 and 4×12 Planks, 40+ Colors, Glass Mosaics-3/4 x ¾ – 47 Colors, Recycled Glass Mosaics & Liners, Stained Glass Mosaics -50+ Colors, 4×4 Stained Glass Tile- 7 Colors, Glass & Stone Combination Mosaics, 12×12,12×24,24×24 Porcelain Polished & Matte Finishes, Mesh Mounted Stone, Slate, Travertine, Quartzite, Marble Mosaics, Bronze, Copper & Pewter Accent Tiles, Dewalt D2 4000 Tile Saw, Rockwell Model 14 Band Saw, Casting Equipment, Hydraulic Vulcanizing Machines, Vibratory Machines- 1 Nicem, 1 Sweco, Table Top Shrink Wrap Machine, Electric Tape Machine (Box Sealer),Water Cooler, Delta Table Saw, Pipe Bending Machine, Large Barrel Scale, Ratio Parts Scale, File Cabinets, Office Furniture, Delta Drill Press, Industrial Pallet Shelving, 2- Air Compressors, Photo Copy Machine, Refrigerator, Table Top 3 Axis CNC machine, IBM Style Computers, Polishing Machine, New Holland Centrifugal Hot Air Dryer, Table Top Bagging Machine & Much More, Don’t Miss This Sale!

AUCTION CONTACT: (917) 746-0537 • (877) 500-1414 TERMS: 15% BUYERS PREMIUM
Text ” auctions” to 313131 for all upcoming auctions

Terms of Sale

  • The Auctioneer sells everything “AS IS” and “WHERE IS” without any guarantee as to quality, condition, description, or merchantability.
  • 15% Buyers premium and state taxes will be added to every bill.
  • All bidders shall be required to provide their “Buyers Name” and a 25% minimum deposit in cash or certified funds at the time of successful bid. In the event a bidder fails to give a 25% deposit, the Auctioneer may resell the lot at any time during the sale.
  • Payment of the balance in full, in cash or certified funds, is required to be paid within 24 hours after sale is completed. Applicable sales tax must be paid to the Auctioneer. Exceptions: Resale certificates will be accepted ONLY if the buyer is registered in this state. Sales tax will be collected from all out of state purchasers
  • Removal of the items purchased must be completed in accordance with the terms stated by the Auctioneer. All items are required to be removed by the purchaser at his own risk and expense. Buyers are responsible for proper dismantle or disconnection of any Items. No allowances or adjustments of any kind will be made once the items purchased are removed from the sale premises.
  • All lots offered for sale that have drawers, storage compartments or other areas for storage, are sold without contents therein or thereon unless specifically announced otherwise by the Auctioneer.
  • The Auctioneer reserves the right to sell in bulk, consecutive lots in number order, or in any order he deems advisable. In the event of any disputed bid, the Auctioneer reserves the right to immediately put up for sale the said disputed item to the highest bidder.
  • The Auction sheets and records of sale as set forth by the Auctioneer must be accepted as final by all purchasers.
  • In the event that the bidder fails to comply with the terms of final payment and removal as required: the Auctioneer reserves the right to resell the item concerned, without notice to the bidder and the bidder’s deposit will be forfeited and bidder will remain liable for any deficiency as well as the expenses incurred by such resale.
  • The Auctioneer is not bound by any actions or statements made by any person other than himself.
  • In the event that the Auctioneer is unable to release any lot to a purchaser, the extent of the Auctioneer’s liability will be to refund any funds collected against that lot.
  • Any lots connected to water, gas or electric must be capped off in a workmanlike fashion by the buyer, at the time of removal, and meet the approval of the Auctioneer’s staff.

Additional terms and conditions of sale may be announced and/or posted at the time of sale.



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